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Types of Reports

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Report Name What it does Why it should be used
Project Manager Report Provides Project Manager with all the relevant information needed across jobs related to a project to assess the financial status of the Project. Drill-down into individual jobs allowing more detailed analysis to explain the figures displayed. Gives the Project Manager detailed analysis and enables decision making with regard to monthly claims and possible action needed in areas of concern. Links enable the Project Manager to run his own claims and invoicing if appropriate rather than handing on to other admin staff.
Jobs Recently Finished Lists all jobs which were closed in the previous period. Shows financial information relating to each job and calculates the Gross profit made as a $value and as a percentage. Gives a snapshot on the financial performance of jobs recently completed. It shows whether a job made a Profit/Loss and why. Drill down capability on the GP Amount allows you to analyse the performance at a job transaction level. Alternative links allow you to analyse job performance by Supervisor or division across a wider period. This allows visibility of possible trends relating to job performance.
Overdues This report displays a real-time aged Trial Balance of your Debtors ledger. The pre-filtering limits the report to overdue items only but you can see your full trial balance by simply removing the filter and re-displaying the report. The report displays the totals owing for each customer by period and also shows the date and amount of the last payment made. Drill down capability allows you to access the itemised detail at a Current Account level. Great place to start for Debtor Account management. Provides a “To Do” list for Debt collections and follow-up calls. Being able to drill down into the customer’s account provides easy access to information while on a call. Details of invoices and the jobs they relate to all help in the dialogue regarding disputed issues. Reprints of invoices can be raised in the spot, if required, and emailed out while still on the phone! Links to “Call Log” enable easy recording of the conversations with Customers, actions agreed to and the setting of reminders to check on outcomes.
Payables This report displays a real-time aged Trial Balance of your Creditors ledger. The report displays the totals owing to each Supplier by period and also shows the date and amount of the last payment made. Drill down capability allows you to access the itemised detail at a Current Account level. All functions relating to Creditor Account management can be performed from this report. At the highest level if gives a snapshot of the outstanding amounts to Creditors. Drilling down to the itemised account gives access to be able to change the status of a supplier invoice if it needs to be “held” out of the next payment batch. This report is also the starting place for reconciliations between your Nimbus database records and the Supplier statement.
WIP Work In Progress reports give snapshot of the financial progress of a job from an accounting perspective. WIP Actual gives a real-time view as of processing to date. WIP Period gives a snapshot as at the end of the last financial period (Month end). The report displays information relating to the Invoicing on a job and the costs related to that job. Drill-down links allow visibility of the transactions which make up the figures displaying. This report gives financial managers understanding of the financial progress of jobs. It enables the calculation for end of period adjustments to the financial reports with regard to Sales and Cost of Sales figures which relate directly to them. Information regarding the WIP journals which need to be run for the last period can be gathered from this report. The journaling of these amounts ensures that accurate Profitability is reported on for each financial period.
Profit and Loss The Profit and Loss report shows the Financial Performance of the company by Period (Month) and shows running totals for the current Financial Year. It also gives comparison to the figures from the previous financial year. The report details the flow of money coming in and out of the business across each division and shows the overall Company performance as either a Profit or a Loss. This report is essential in analysing the performance of the company, understanding where the losses or gains are being made and why. This information is available in printed format for formal presentation and also in web report format enabling drill down capability to the transactional level for clear analysis. Clear understanding leads to good decision making for continued or improved financial performance.
Staff Productivity This report shows a summary of hours worked by each employee. The Total hours worked are broken down into categories of Productive and Non- productive (chargeable or Non chargeable). Drill down capability enables you to view the transactional detail which makes up the totals for each person. This report enables very clear visibility on the performance of employees. Filtering options on the transactional data allows you to slice and dice information in a variety of ways to produce multiple reports.
Resource List Provides a list of all costing codes on the Nimbus system. By filtering to “Qty on hand > 0” you now have a list of all available stock on hand. Links allow for the updating of details regarding specific stock items. The report also shows the “Qty on order “for each item, the date last purchased and also the date that pricing was last updated. The starting place for any queries around stock items. Allows ease of access to information to help with Stock control and management. This report gives visibility of the numbers of stock items held in multiple locations and provides a tool for ensuring that the resourcing needs are anticipated and provided for.