Nimbus is the kind of Kiwi-success story that New Zealand business owners have come to rely on: home-grown technological expertise delivering international standard solutions for Kiwi-shaped companies.

The History Behind Nimbus Software Limited

Established at the beginning of New Zealand’s business computing era (1975), Nimbus has innovative and cutting-edge thinking embedded in its corporate DNA.

“Those who go through the hedge first make the hole,“ says one of the original owners of Nimbus, Brian Pollock. The founders of Nimbus, were typically pragmatic and ensured early accounting software solutions rapidly found a market with local firms, and they set a trend for software that fit New Zealand-specific conditions. Nimbus (under JDM) continues that philosphy and aims to provide construction specific solutions for the project life cycle.

Subsequent upgrades addressed the full Job Costing and Management process, a far more complicated mix, and Nimbus quickly became a market leader in the Contracting and Services industry and beyond.

  • Microcomputer Systems Limited founded – 1975
  • Job Costing software launched – 1980
  • Nimbus Accounting software launched – 1983
  • Nimbus Accounting Company became independent – 1997
  • Name changed to Nimbus Software Limited – 1997
  • Attained first trans-Tasman customer – 1999
  • Nimbus outgrew original office space – 2000
  • Nimbus outgrew Nelson office again – 2007
  • Nimbus expanded office to Auckland – 2008
  • Nimbus expanded office to New Plymouth – 2011
  • Nimbus was acquired by JDM Technology Group – 2018

Today, Nimbus provides a comprehensive suite of business management software for all businesses. Just as every town up and down our country has a distinct personality, each Nimbus installation respects the unique make-up of individual Kiwi companies to offer the kind of precise management control that New Zealand businesses deserve.