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April Newsletter

Life at Alert Level 3

Fortunately for some businesses, Level 3 meant we could return to work, albeit with restrictions. Level 4 was a challenge on several levels but one positive outcome for Nimbus, it allowed us to review some of our processes. We can now develop and communicate both small and large innovations quicker than previously. Below is one of those innovations. 

Hopefully, you were also able to take some time at Level 4 to look at our business and consider new efficiencies. And, if you have some ideas for improvement of your Nimbus system let us know!

Alert Level 3 Requirements – Contact Tracing

The way we do business changed forever in March 2020 when we entered the world of working in isolation in response to CoVid-19. The new way of doing business means that traceability of client contact is becoming the new normal. This can range from having to amend site registers for daily health status to ensuring bubbles are maintained and recorded. 

One clear thing is that all businesses that interact with others will need to keep a register of contacts detailing information of date, client, the list of people in that contact bubble, possibly even the GPS of such meetings. This will need to be both easy to enter and easy to access. With this in mind Nimbus has devised an easy to implement structure to enter and maintain this information either in the field or back in the office.

Contact Tracing

MSD Wage Subsidy

If you missed our email earlier in the week click here for a How-To Guide to account for the Wage Subsidy