Asset Management

Nimbus provides you with the functionality to manage both your customers' assets as well as your own internal assets.

Asset Management

Asset Management Software Overview

Nimbus Asset Management works seamlessly with your company’s workflow regimen. Asset reports provide great information to ensure you are managing work effectively and completing compliance issues.

Nimbus maintains a ledger of all assets. Preventative maintenance tasks generate jobs for planned work. Jobs for reactive work can also be opened against asset tasks. Recording jobs against assets enables you to create plant profitability reports demonstrating gross profit and cost per unit of use.

Asset Management Software Key Features

Planned Maintenance

Failure to plan maintenance can cause expensive breakdowns and can impact customer confidence. Nimbus maintenance schedules can trigger planned work and automatically generate jobs and maintenance tasks.

Plant Profitability & Reporting

Using the correct cost for asset items ensures profitability. The cost of owning assets can be spread across the volume of usage for a particular asset, i.e., cost per unit. This cost per unit, after applying a margin, gives you a sell-price for your plant. Nimbus provides this information in real time, averaging data from history and seasonal fluctuations. This functionality is further enhanced by the use of trend-line reporting and analysis.

Asset Comparisons

Nimbus Asset reporting compares your asset costs, per unit, across your fleet, giving statistics for future decision making.

Easy Depreciation

Nimbus knows exactly where you are with depreciation, and it processes this with ease. If required, Nimbus can reverse your runs, make your adjustments, and re-run depreciation.

Service Level Agreements

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between your customer and your business to provide service, i.e., you are managing or servicing their assets. This usually involves:

  • Preventative maintenance – specific tasks at fixed-time intervals
  • Reactive jobs with agreed response times
  • Monthly fees
  • Agreement on types of work covered by SLA, or those charged on a time-and-materials basis

The value of an SLA is the monthly fee, with additional reactive and proactive work able to be generated via a strong customer relationship. Nimbus will coordinate allocating work against SLA categories, and in turn, categorise work as chargeable or non-chargeable.