Customer Relationship Management is the cornerstone of ensuring you stay well engaged with the sales and relationship processes, of both existing and potential customers.


Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software Overview

CRM is the cornerstone of ensuring you stay well engaged with your customer.

Nimbus CRM tool targets your specific needs and workflows as a critical factor in reaching your goals.

Our CRM system delivers on the core functions of CRM by:

Storing information at both contact and company level. We like to make things personal. 

  • Capturing customer characteristics.  Tailor your response to your customer.
  • Prospect management.  Sales enquiries can all be logged and managed – allowing anyone access to follow up
  • Call cycle planning 
  • Pipeline performance. Your business will have the facilities to track and manage the contact process with customers, setting deadlines for actions, such as a simple follow-up email or conducting a detailed demonstration of your product or service.
  • KPI reports
  • Forecast reporting
  • Sales management tools.  Coordination across all departments – This improves the bottom line by providing better sales and financial information in real time to target new prospects and existing clients. Organise your clients by, status, region, value, etc. Then use the evaluation tools to run analysis at critical times not only before and after a sale but during it.
  • Create searchable fields to suit your needs
  • Track client interaction both new and existing for the entire organisation.
  • Client Information Management – Reduce risk and maintain your organisations intellectual and client knowledge – All information relating to a clients, specific individuals, jobs, calls, tasks, documents, emails, account history are all in one system and can be accessed by any authorised staff member. Track and store client data easily and then report on it.


Nimbus’ flexible configuration means you design your customer engagement process and functionality.



One system that all your departments use – This means less time training and less mistakes. Especially when the 1st point of call is the sales team. As soon as the opportunity is logged all departments have access to it. Less double ups, less mistakes, more information and tracking, more money made and saved.


Improves client communication. All departments can use the CRM function to keep clients informed.


CRM Software Key Features

Customer Database Management

Nimbus has designed a Customer Database that is agile, time saving, and intuitive. When you enter your customers’ information into the database, this information will then populate throughout Nimbus. Information can be stored in a variety of ways to reflect the relationship of each call, so as not to limit your contact points within existing and potential customers.

Prospect Management

With each prospect your business encounters, recording information and making decisions about qualifying leads are all handled by Nimbus.

A prospect can be a one-off job or a larger, managed set of jobs. Once the prospect is qualified, Nimbus has the intelligence to write this information to your company pipeline, where you can follow the progress of the now-qualified opportunity and start sending quotes and winning the business.

Call Cycle Planning

With the flexibility of Nimbus, your sales team can plan their daily workflow processes, including call-cycle planning, prospecting and scheduling appointments, using a subset of traditional job management functions within Nimbus. This aids in linking calling cycles to workflow, to eventual sales order, to order acceptance, and to supply and invoicing.

Pipeline Performance

Traditionally, pipelines tend to be used mainly in a sales-process environment. The Nimbus Pipeline has been created so that you can carry out all the traditional tasks, such as forecasting revenue. The Nimbus Pipeline also allows you to manage your current prospects by interacting with other modules such as Finance, Asset Management, and Projects.

KPI Reports

The reporting functions found throughout Nimbus are available for prospect management to enable easy-to-see positions activity by sales staff. It also provides the ability to process real-time KPI reports. You decide on what KPI data is important to your business and design the reports that best meet your needs.

Forecast Reporting

Once you have accumulated potential sales data, you will want to summarise and report this activity to enable effective forecasting of planned sales activity. Strong integration of Nimbus allows you to further link this data to the financial budget data, or to create comparisons to other periods of time.

If you are a manufacturer, you need to know how the forecast pipeline compares to inventory, or materials planning, and then the lead time for purchasing items against your suppliers.

Sales Management Tool

Because of the Nimbus data structures, and the approach taken to track activity as if it were a transaction, Nimbus gives you a powerful management-information-and-reporting system, to aid with effective sales management.