V608 – Enhanced Reporting Capability

Easy, fast reporting of key metrics within your business is always key. We are pleased to introduce many new features and increased functionality.


V608 – Enhanced Reporting Capability Overview

Quality reporting is the payback we all get from the hours of data input. The closer to real time reporting is, the more useful it is, as it can be used to effectively impact on our profitability. Therefore, Nimbus has added some very powerful functionality to this, our latest release of our reporting engine.

Functionality like being able to page through reports, locking header columns so they are always in view, easily adjusting column widths, filtering and sorting data using multiple criteria, adding images to rows in a report, moving and hiding columns and if that is not enough natively export any report direct to Excel for even more manipulation. Nimbus reporting is the powerful tool you need to manage your business.

V608 - Enhanced Reporting Key Features

Reports can now be paged

Just like in an internet browser, the user can now determine how many records to fetch per page, per report and if there are more records than fit on the page it will create multiple pages for you to page through.

Additionally, it will tell you how many records meet your criteria.

Column width can be auto-scaled based on presets

Allows you to determine how much space you wish to allocate to each column, Spaced; Tight; Very Tight or Autosized in order to optimize readability and productivity. You can also manually adjust column widths.

Fixed / locked header row

Column Headers now stay in view as you scroll down through a report making it easier to understand information you are looking at and increasing productivity.

Header area can be hidden

Need more screen real-estate to view your records, then simply hide your header rows.

Columns can be reordered

Don’t like the order of columns for the task at hand, no worries, simply drag and drop the columns into the order you need, placing more important information in view with other information out to the right hand side.

Add an image to a row

Insert a column to display an image icon on each row, with the ability to click to explode for viewing. Imagine the possibilities. For example, view pictures relating to work out in the field.

Extended filtering options

Use boolean terms like greater than, less than, and, or, not, to focus your report on just the information you need, making you much more productive.

Export to Excel as a native Excel spreadsheet

One click creates an Excel spreadsheet of any (view) report, complete with column headers. Allows you to then add formulas within Excel, to make it a fully interactive spreadsheet.