Reporting & Financial Management

Sitting behind the extensive functionality of Nimbus is a fully integrated financial management system to reflect the financial impact of your business processes and transactions.

Financial Management Image
Financial Management Image
Financial Management Image

Presentation-ready reports

Perfect for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting 

Customise reports by choosing which KPIs are monitored and highlighted in your reports. 

Rebrand reports with your logo. 

Share Access to the reports and dashboards with your team or clients 

Analysis tools include: KPI analysis, Profitability analysis, Cash Flow analysis, Trend analysis, Goalseek & more.

Financial Management Software Overview

In Nimbus, you have the choice of posting to a ledger account via the fully integrated process, or you post directly, or a combination of both to meet your needs. Direct posting is not automated. If for any reason you prefer to post directly, you can choose to do so easily with Nimbus.

Nimbus gives you a system that works for the business, saving time and adding to your bottom line.

Financial Management Software Key Features

General Ledger

Transactions using the Integrated Posting method will often post to and update many ledgers at the same time, e.g., the sale of a stock item will post to the general ledger, the stock ledger and the job cost ledger. Once integration has been set up, the method is hassle free; i.e., the system will enter the debit and credit entries and check that the ledgers stay in balance.


Sales entries are fully integrated with the debtors’ portion of Nimbus, with corresponding entries reflected in balance sheet control accounts. Debtors’ management is aided by rules that can be set for debt levels, length of over dues, reminders to debt control staff, and so on. Point-of-sale transactions can be halted if a customer is on stop supply, to avoid you exposing the business to additional debt. Automated messaging to staff throughout the month, regarding debt management requirements, can be set up to meet your business rules.


Easy to use, post creditors’ transactions, either directly, or via automated integration from purchase orders and inventory management portions of Nimbus.

Integration is easy with payment processing, bank remittance, and bank reconciliation. Options include paying by cheque or direct credit. Additional options include holding and transacting creditors in foreign currency, payment processing, bank remittance, and bank reconciliations.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliations are an important organisational procedure. Nimbus prepares automated deposit slips, providing a program to reconcile your bank accounts, and providing a method of transferring amounts between bank accounts. Bank reconciliations can be held for both local and foreign currencies as required.


Nimbus’ Purchase Order program is used to order goods and services. Each step in the Purchase Order process updates the purchase order, the general, the stock, the job cost and the creditors’ ledgers. Nimbus is flexible around how you want to enter purchase orders, depending on your business needs and rules.

Financial Reporting

The reporting tool within Nimbus creates reports around all facets of your company financials, such as profit and loss, balance sheets, general ledger, and reports for your accountants. It even allows your accountant to be a named user to sign directly into your financial management and reporting, if required.

Producing financial statements is essential for any business to know its profitability. Additionally, it is crucial that financial and management decisions are based on accurate and timely information. Nimbus’ software supplies this information through enquiries, key performance indicator reports, dashboards, and graphs.

Payroll Integration

Payroll systems are the domain of standalone software, and Nimbus has specifically not written its own payroll module for that reason. Nimbus does, however, integrate seamlessly with data interchange with external payroll software when the API is available. This enables easy access to timesheet and labour information for use throughout Nimbus processes and functions.

Budgeting and Forecasting

No management information system should be without the ability to forecast and budget. Nimbus has this covered as well, with the ability to hold multiply budgets for differing purposes, if required. Budgeting data can be held as fiscal values and unit measures, providing a wealth of analysis information to be reported and compared.

No More End-of-Month Procedures

Month-end close offs are now considered a thing of the past. Once information has been entered, Nimbus’ software keeps this information current throughout the system. There is no requirement to complete end-of-month processing anymore when using Nimbus.