For many businesses, inventory forms a large part of the balance sheet value. Minimising this provides additional working capital to the business.


Inventory Software Overview

Strong inventory management and workflow processes around inventory will ensure only stock required for the business is on hand. Nimbus manages, tracks, and reports upon non-required stock, stock shrinkage, van or vehicle stock, consignment stock, sub-assembled parts, and manufactured goods.

Inventory Software Key Features

Site/Branch/Van Stock

Nimbus tells you where each stock item is located. Transfers between branches is easily controlled and stock takes can be individually run (on any branch, site, van, bin, or combination of these), ensuring stock levels are accurate and accounted.

Serial Stock

Stock times that have a serial number needing to be recorded in their own right are well catered for by Nimbus. Ordering serial stock and selling serial stock is tracked and available for presentation on invoices to customers and detailed inventory reports.

Units of Measure

There is no need to worry about conversion calculations for bulk volumes being split into small selling units. Nimbus allows you to decide how you want to hold stock and to sell it, with you deciding the conversions to units of measures that best suit your business.

Minimum & Maximum Levels

Manage your stock volumes through easily set minimum and maximum stock levels. Integration to purchase allows for automatically generated purchase orders as you wish. Integration to sales orders for customers and purchase orders allows you the flexibility to set reorders to be included with customers’ specific orders, saving you freight and handling.

Discounts/Special Pricing

Control the discounts you give your customers, set automatic percent discounts and markups, or set individual item prices. This can be set at the debtor, job, or project level.

Price Books

Many businesses using Nimbus import their supplier price books to keep their stock pricing up to date, ensuring accuracy with stock use.


Nimbus’ robust integration and database structure ensures, for every inventory transaction, there is a flow-on effect throughout the system ledgers, right through to balance sheet.


Nimbus has a comprehensive purchase order system, allowing users to raise and generate purchase orders in a number of different ways, e.g. directly from quotes, sales orders, auto generation from minimum stock quantities and so on.

Purchase orders can be for inventory items or non-stock items, they can be raised in foreign currency as well as local currency, and provide data for cash flow forecasting and detail inventory/purchasing management reporting. Partial deliveries and receipting are no problem for Nimbus, as well as the ability to split freight across many line items on a purchase order.