Nimbus invoicing gives our clients a creative and versatile sales process: invoicing that can be created on completion of staging a job and then sent straight to your client via a PDF or standard mail.

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Invoicing Software Overview

Nimbus invoicing has been structured for easy navigation. Nimbus jobs flow seamlessly from start to finish with the ability to calculate progression billing, for example, without requiring any double entries. Invoicing is part of the automated staging process through Nimbus, unless the supervisor or job owner wants to manually intervene.

  • Recurring invoicing
  • Automatic invoice runs / manual invoice runs – group or individual
  • Outcome invoicing
  • Printed or emailed (PDF) formats
  • Contract invoicing / project invoicing
  • Progression billing
  • Retention invoicing / progress payments
  • Job progress automated invoices

Invoicing Software Key Features

PDF Email of Invoices

Invoices can be printed or a PDF written and emailed to your customers. There is no need to complete two invoice runs; as each invoice is generated, it checks each customer’s preference and processes the invoice accordingly.

Recurring Invoices

Invoices that are billed on a regular basis, i.e., monthly, quarterly or for any set period, can be set up and invoiced on demand without having to set them up each time. This may be for monthly fees for service level agreements or rental charges for plant hire.

Invoice Queues

As a job progresses through the system, it is given a status to say where it is on the production line. Once complete, the supervisor can check that job, and then once happy, change the status so that it is ready to be invoiced. This then falls automatically into the next invoice run.

Progress Invoices

Progress invoice your jobs that go over several months; leave the job open for future work and costing but invoice the customer as you go.

Outcome Invoicing

Outcome invoicing is based on the result as opposed to what it took to get there. Invoice your customers the set rate while still maintaining the true costs for analysis.

Combines Invoices

Are you doing several small jobs for a customer but only wanting to produce one invoice? No problem, by using Combined Invoices, you can collate the information from multiple jobs into one invoice automatically.

Contract Invoices

Contract or Project invoicing can be simple or comprehensive, depending upon the terms of the contract itself. You may have to do retentions or provide a progress claim. In any case, Nimbus will calculate and retain, claim, or produce your final invoices as and when required.


Nimbus comes with a comprehensive selection of invoice types. These can be used as provided, or they can be configured to your requirements.


Need to complete counter sales? Nimbus Point of Sale (POS) can do one-off cash sales, or it can link the sale to a pre-existing customer and maintain their purchase history. You can produce packing slips to accompany the goods, and then at a later date, the invoice can go directly to the office.

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