Our approach is optimised for businesses where manufacturing is a part of providing a solution that is client specific.


Manufacturing Overview

Manufacturing is often described as the use of machines, tools and labour to produce goods for use or sale. Manufacturing software is usually directed toward the mass production of products for sale to customers at a profit.

By contrast, the Job Cost Manufacturing approach looks to match the way people work, in relation to the different parts of the process. Customers have different requirements and approaches per project, as do your own staff that will have different roles and methods depending on the particular client and job aspect at hand. 

Our approach is optimised for businesses where manufacturing is a part of providing a solution that is client specific. This does not preclude them having common elements. E.g. Using a build template and multi-level Bills of Material. 

Manufacturing Key Features

Estimating, Tendering, Quoting and Purcahsing

Nimbus provides your estimators with a familiar Excel style interface which incorporates multiple configurable templates that can utilise multi-level Bills of Materials. Projects can be multi-level themselves, with each following their own manufacturing path.
Split deliveries, foreign currency purchasing, batch and serial number tracking are all available. Budgets and documentation can be associated at every level.

Project and Manufacturing Management

Nimbus handles sub-contractors, manages projects down to task level, tracks purchasing against individual jobs, monitors assembly line work flow, deadlines, capacity planning, WIP,
quality control, cost recovery, variations, rework, retention’s and asset management, along with full documentation associated with each step, whether it be recording tolerances achieved, material specifications used, batch related information, client specifications or details of variation requests.

Asset and Plant Management

Whether it is a key piece of shop floor equipment or equipment used as part of commissioning, Nimbus provides you the information you need:
• Purchasing of materials for a job
• Factory work flow
• Bottleneck management
• Inter divisional use of labour and resources
• Equipment rentals
• Service maintenance reminders
• Integration with 3rd party suppliers (e.g. fuel suppliers)
• Full workshop functionality
• GPS, asset tracking, geo-fence integration