Mobilise your workforce with a single integrated mobile solution – keeping your business in touch in real-time.


Mobile Worker Overview

Easy to use Nimbus Mobile functionality that takes advantage of Nimbus Software. Unlike stand-alone Apps, Nimbus mobile functionality is easily customised to meet your company’s unique needs and enhance the way you work.

Encompassing schedules, job and work orders, timesheets, logbooks, inspection reports, equipment audits and sales orders.

How much could your company improve business processes if it could track the productivity of every engineer or technician, every minute of the day?

Nimbus Mobile enables management to:

  • Streamline and improve efficiencies in the field by reducing administration costs and working in real-time
  • View GPS location of technicians providing your job administrators with a geographic mapping of job locations
  • Compliance – in the field occupational health and safety recording
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Comprehensive metrics and reporting tools
  • Asset & Plant inspections
  • Powerful, flexible reporting with valuable business insights

How much would employee retention improve if every engineer or technician had access to the latest in mobile field service applications?

Nimbus Mobile allows for collaboration by:

  • Accessing work schedules in the field and updating the status of jobs back in the office
  • Enabling technicians and engineers to access purchase orders without the hassle of calling the office
  • Instant mobile notification when a work order is assigned or completed
  • Map view of destination with one click to call a customer
  • Photo capability pinned to a location
  • Online or offline access with data ready for transmission when in mobile connectivity
  • No more paperwork

While opportunities abound to configure Nimbus mobile to your business, the three key advantages are easily identified and worth talking to us about:

  • Cost savings
  • Work flow efficiencies
  • Smart technology in the field