Job Management & Project Workflow

Complete project and job management processes define absolute levels of successful product or service provision, fundamentally impacting bottom-line results.

Project Management

Project & Job Management Software Overview

Projects are large bodies of work spread over time. Every project is comprised of many smaller steps, known as jobs. Each job has its own unit of work with associated delivery dates, supervisor/manager, documents, instructions, and so on. When all of these jobs are finished, the project is complete.

Managing variations is the key to a profitable project. Real-time information is essential to enable you to negotiate early. Nimbus identifies and alerts you to variations before the materials for them are even ordered.

Project & Job Management Software Key Features

Easy Reporting

With Nimbus, you can create reports at any point of a project to show how workflow is progressing. Reports can either cover large, complex workloads, or just let you know what is happening in a project. Nimbus easily turns difficult-to-find data into stress-free reporting.

Invoicing Styles

Nimbus provides simple and specialist invoicing styles. You control all details to create complicated retention options, or to simply produce a straightforward invoice for goods and services.

Lump Sum

Lump Sum Contracts define claims by percentage complete for each contract section, less previous claim and less retentions. The project manager enters the percentage complete per job, and Nimbus calculates an invoice accordingly, with an option for the operator to override the automatic calculation if required. The customer returns their self-billed invoice with payment; these adjusted figures are keyed into Nimbus as it creates the actual invoice, automatically updating your general ledger and GST commitments.

Measure and Value

Measure and Value Contracts claim by the outcomes agreed at the rates quoted. Nimbus calculates each schedule’s rates from your quote and applies them to the achieved quantity of schedules/outcomes you enter each month to produce your measure-and-value claim.


Variations are important, and Nimbus works to ensure that you find and claim them all. New jobs or schedules are opened within the project for each variation, their costs are tracked and managed, and Nimbus includes them clearly documented with your claims.

Real-time warnings on variations correspond to orders raised. If someone orders items outside of the limits of the contract, Nimbus notifies you, and you can negotiate this extra cost with the customer before committing to it.

Cost to Complete

Key in your independently assessed ‘hours and costs to complete’ for each job, and Nimbus will use the data, along with costs, orders and schedules, to compare end-of-project margins to budgeted margins, ensuring you have early warning of any looming problems.

Internal Billing

Nimbus individually manages different divisions as the divisions complete various parts of a contract. Costs and sales are calculated per division within the contract, so that you can easily recognise and reward employees who are managing their work effectively.

In larger companies, Nimbus also manages the internal contracting between divisions, where a division bids and takes profit on their part, and the receiving division adds their own margin. Nimbus manages this efficiently within the business, with no GST or invoice generated.


Nimbus calculates and deducts appropriately from each invoice. The Nimbus Retention Report menu displays these, with their release dates and a ‘click’ option for claiming due retentions.

Set your retention percentages for each contract; then Nimbus calculates and deducts appropriately from each invoice. The Retention Report displays these with their release dates, and a ‘click’ option for claiming due retentions.