Quoting & Tendering

Nimbus creates fast and accurate estimates and quotes. It stores them for easy retrieval, simple reference and conversion to jobs for successful bids and for creating new quotes.

Quoting & Tendering Image
Quoting & Tendering Image

Quoting & Tendering Software Overview

It is important to be accurate when quoting; a miscalculation either side could cause loss of revenue or the loss of a sale. Nimbus Quoting gives you the best possible advantage to create your quotes efficiently and accurately. Either start from scratch using base templates, or leverage from past experiences and pull in previous quotes or actual costs.

Nimbus writes your Quote Letter and records your letter against the quote for easy access. Upon winning the work, Nimbus creates Projects, Jobs, Tasks, and Purchase Orders from your quote for strong workflow management.

Designed specifically for your requirements, Nimbus handles multiple formats for various types of costing and pricing activity.

  • Rapidly calculate the cost and produce a price, fully seeing and controlling margins
  • Print clients letter, with all terms and conditions, displaying just the right detail
  • Integrate suppliers, stock, price books, job costing, and debtors
  • Use detail, allowances or a mixture, include materials, labour, sub-contractors, discounts or special deals, and outputs
  • Quote for jobs, suppliers, and projects (both Measure and Value and Lump Sum projects)
  • Re-price items – specials or discounts, by weight, bulk labour, by area, etc.
  • Composite lists of requirements accumulated for current and future reference
  • And much more … Contact us for more information

Quoting & Tendering Software Key Features

Spreadsheet Power

Nimbus has the look and feel of a spreadsheet, giving you the power to use formulas. Enter in a percentage and let the spreadsheet do the calculations. Use the default templates or create your own to suit the various ways you quote, e.g., Cost Plus, Sections or MV Rates. Have Close Out tabs for calculating margins and risks.

Previously Quoted

You don’t have to start from scratch each time you quote; simply import details from another job, re-price it (all at the touch of a button), and adjust it to fit the current quotation. You can even bring in multiple jobs to the one quote if required. Imagine the time you will save by having the details of previous quotes available at your fingertips.

Print It, Store It, Access It

Are you ready to send the quote to the customer? Send the details from the quote to a document already populated with your terms and conditions, display only what you want to display, and save it. Need to make changes? Open the quote and resend to the document (or make a new one). All the documents remain connected to the job for easy reference and accessibility.

Stock/Order Integration

Your quote is fully integrated to your stock file, keeping the pricing up to date. Easily view what is in stock and what needs to be ordered. This system will even order for you, and will calculate what is in stock, comparing it to what is required for the job and ordering the difference. The order is put against the job for easy costing on the goods’ arrival.

Does Size Matter?

It doesn’t matter if you are estimating for a simple one-off job or a complete multi-stage project, Nimbus Quoting will work for you.

On Acceptance

On acceptance of your quote there is no need to manually create the jobs. Using the quotes work breakdown structure, each portion of the quote will be automatically allocated, giving you ease of analysis and variation control.


Variations are important. Not catching these can cause cost overruns and a quoted job changing from being profitable to one that is not. In Nimbus, costs are tracked and managed and compared to the quote, and reports are generated and show progress and any variations.

User Definable

Nimbus Quoting comes with ready-made templates; these can be used as they are or configured to your own requirements.