Service Management

Jobs are the cornerstone of service management. Nimbus provides you with a wide range of tools and functions to effectively manage jobs, service schedules, and allocation of work.

Service Management

Service Management Software Overview

A job may consist of a budget, billing, costing and management unit of work with associated delivery dates, supervisor/manager, documents, instructions, and location.

Jobs can be completed as a single task, i.e., jobbing, or they may span several visits or months and involve progress claims. They can be quoted and invoiced, or they can be part of a larger project and invoiced within a contract. They may also be internal jobs or booked against specific assets as a service schedule.

Service Manangement Software Key Features

Customer Calls

Logging calls from your customers is easy. Customer call information can be recorded in Call Track, or record a callback message to appear in a follow-up list, making communication traceable and providing quality customer service. If the call is for service work, simply create a job.

Service Jobs / Ticketing

Job fields drive workflow. The base information, such as start date, due by, priority, supervisor, and invoice-type fields, determine how jobs move through the office process.

Scheduled Tasks

Scheduled tasks against these jobs drive individual workloads, ensuring efficient use of time. Work type, work flow, and estimated hours are provided for each step of the job. As schedules are updated, Nimbus updates jobs, moving them through the workflow process within Nimbus.


Purchases are recorded against jobs. Holding the job within the open status and reporting these future commitments, Nimbus compares quote expectations to actual usage at point of order, preventing problems and providing strong variance control.


Timesheet posting can be automated from schedules, texts, Mobile Worker devices, or keyed in through efficient Job Posting screens.

Service Level Agreements

Do you provide maintenance agreements with your customers? Do you need to schedule recurring jobs into your system?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a contract between your business and your client to provide a service (Are you looking after their assets?). This usually involves preventative maintenance, specific tasks at fixed time intervals, along with reactive jobs. Nimbus coordinates the allocation of work for customers against an SLA category, ensuring work is recorded as chargeable / non-chargeable so you have the knowledge to manage SLA profitability.