The Nimbus tool set extends functionality to provide you with the flexibility to work and report in a way that meets your needs, not ours.


Configuration & Reporting Software Tools Overview

Nimbus has an extensive tool kit when it comes to configuration and reporting tools. These tools are available for the Nimbus team to help you maximise the software for your business, or for your staff to be part of the configuration team.

Configuration & Reporting Software Tools Key Features


The Nimbus proprietary intranet is specifically designed to assist your staff to operate the software in a workflow manner and guide users through the Nimbus functions with ease. The intranet is not limited to just Nimbus; you can also incorporate your other business functions to be linked or operated from within the Nimbus intranet framework, to give you one simple-to-use, powerful business portal.

Extensive Business Reporting

Nimbus business reporting is only limited by your imagination. Nimbus has a combination of reporting tools available, ranging from back-office, internal office reports to web reporting functions that your staff can design and refine as your business requirements change.

User Definable Fields

Nimbus software is not bound by restrictive use of database fields. Nimbus allows you to define data fields that may be unique or important to your business, to allow you to manage functions more accurately. User-definable fields allow you to design the needs, data capture, and reporting of items that will deliver you valuable information about your business; it does not provide an assumed set of information that may not be suitable for your particular needs.

SQL Reporting Services

At the core of Nimbus is the use of SQL databases. Whilst Nimbus provides an extensive set of reporting tools itself, you also have the ability to extend this further with the use of SQL reporting services. Nimbus reporting tools, coupled with SQL reporting services, combine to form an extremely powerful reporting function. This also allows you to report from other application data sources as needed.

Third Party Programmable Interface

Do you need to get data interaction from other software applications? Nimbus’ open architecture and configuration tools allow automated interfaces to be established with third-party software, e.g., payroll services, HR management software, and even other financial management systems. If you can provide the application programming interface (API) from your other software applications, Nimbus can work with you, or your third-party software supplier, to create a seamless working structure between software applications.