Visual Project Planner

“a picture is worth a thousand words”, this latest add-on to Nimbus Optimum holds true to that premise allowing you to easily view your projects over time, visually.


Visual Project Planner Overview

The Nimbus Visual Project Planner (VPP) is designed to give you an interactive visual tool to manage your projects / jobs in real time. See where your bottle necks are. Which projects are at risk of not meeting their required completion dates. Can track down to individual task level. Allows you to look at your business as a whole or project by project, an ideal tool for project schedulers, QS’s or project managers.

VPP is an enhancement to our latest scheduler and therefore not all clients will require it. As such it is a separate product and only added when requested. Please see Technical Specification for further details.

Visual Project Key Key Features

Big picture view of all projects / jobs

Allows for better planning on resources and makes finding bottlenecks easier so they can be addressed faster for improved profitability.

Edit Nimbus project data from a visual layout

Allows you to review and edit dependencies right
down to individual tasks (if entered) to verify that a project is on track.

Allows printing to PDF

Provide people out on the job with a printed overview of the job timeline or better still attach as a document to your Nimbus mobile application.

Gantt type viewer

Provides the most important features of a Gantt viewer with in-line editing for such items as: Start/End time; Project/job/task name; duration; task order.

Manage project dependencies visually

Easily review all project dependencies and see if a project is going to be achievable by planned / promised timeline.

Various resource types can be planned for

Typically, this would be by employee but could just as easily be by production line; piece of equipment; team etc.

Caters for multiple views

With the use of parameters being passed to the VPP the exact view you need, to be most productive, can be setup and accessed via a single button click.

Caters for both productive and non-productive tasks

Can help ensure you have made allowances for non-project work like employee training; leave; cleaning of workshop etc. tasks that might otherwise derail a project timeline are now visible.

Purchase orders can be for inventory items or non-stock items, they can be raised in foreign currency as well as local currency, and provide data for cash flow forecasting and detail inventory/purchasing management reporting. Partial deliveries and receipting are no problem for Nimbus, as well as the ability to split freight across many line items on a purchase order.