New Release (V608)

Nimbus Software is pleased to introduced its latest release of Nimbus Optimum. In line with our commitment of continuous productivity enhancement, this release includes many features that will benefit, you, our client.

Nimbus - V608

Nimbus continues to enhance its Optimum product in line with “best practice”, version 6.08 is our latest release which continues to protect your investment now and into the future.

New productivity features

Upgrade application

Automates a lot of the steps the consultants do when performing an upgrade, meaning less downtime, less cost and a faster return to normal business.

Upgraded reporting

Reports are backward compatible, thereby protecting your current investment plus many enhanced features such as the ability to embed photos in each line of a report; paged reports just like a browser; page and report totals on columns; locking of headers so they remain visible at all times.

Updated time recording application

Time recording now uses an updated application that integrates with both scheduler and the Visual Project Planner.

Updated scheduler code

Integrates with the new Visual Project Planner (VPP) to help you manage projects, jobs and equipment more accurately.

Visual Project Planner, a Gantt type viewer

Provides the most important features of a Gantt viewer with in-line editing for such items as: Start/End time; Project/job/task name; duration; task order.

  • Edit of Nimbus project data from a visual layout : Allows you to review and edit dependencies right down to individual tasks (if entered) to verify that  a project is on track.
  • Manage project dependencies visually : Easily review all project dependencies and see if a project is going to be achievable by planned/promised timeline.
  • Caters for both productive and non-productive tasks : Can help ensure you have made allowances for non-project work like employee training; leave; cleaning of workshop etc. Tasks that might otherwise derail a project timeline are now visible.
  • Allows printing to PDF : Provide people out on the job with a printed overview of the job timeline or better still
Keyboards shortcuts on web forms

You now have the option to use keystrokes to move around a form as an alternative to using your mouse to click from field to field

Additional protection and locking facilitiess

This has been introduced to protect both Client and Nimbus databases. The Client Lock provides the ability to lock forms, reports and views to stop them being overwritten in either an import or an upgrade. This protects site specific changes being overwritten. The Nimbus Lock provides the same ability to Nimbus Masters on Client sites. Any attempt to edit, results in a warning being given.

Data clear using tables

Allows for easier maintenance of your system. Also makes it easier when a new entity is brought into the fold.

Visual Project Planner

The Nimbus Visual Project Planner (VPP) is designed to give you an interactive visual tool to manage your projects / jobs in real time. See where your bottle necks are. Which projects are at risk of not meeting their required completion dates. Can track down to individual task level. Allows you to look at your business as a whole or project by project, an ideal tool for project schedulers, QS’s or project managers…. Read More

Quality reporting is the payback we all get from the hours of data input. The closer to real time reporting is, the more useful it is, as it can be used to effectively impact on our profitability. Therefore, Nimbus has added some very powerful functionality to this, our latest release of our reporting engine…. Read More

TRM (Time and Resource Management), is designed to be accessed from a web browser to allow Time, Expenses and Stock to be entered into Nimbus Optimum via either Job Costs or Scheduler and allocated or posted to a selected employee on a selected job…. Read More