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February News

          Nimbus Version 6.8.02 has now moved onto Beta Testing

In last month’s newsletter, we announced our latest update was in alpha testing. Alpha testing is where we internally look for bugs and issues. We use our own Nimbus system to ascertain any issues, and then resolve these before moving onto beta testing. Once our Quality Assurance and Development teams feel confident, we move onto the Beta Testing phase.

What is Beta Testing?

This is a process where we install the latest iteration of Nimbus onto an actual client site. This is an important phase of testing as we are able to get client input on the quality, security, usability, and the robustness of the software update. We take that feedback and make changes to ensure all our clients receive the best user experience possible.

V6.8.02 Release

We are anticipating that our latest version of Nimbus will be released at the end of April. We will be releasing new functionalities that we are really excited about. If you have not yet updated to V6.08 we urge you to please get in touch with Marketing Manager Erin Parry to discuss upgrade opportunities.

Consulting time is limited, and in order to ensure your Nimbus software is running at optimum capacity, we encourage scheduling your upgrade as far in advance as possible.


             Nimbus Installation Process

Recently our support team has noticed an increase in service calls addressing operation problems after 3rd party IT contractors have installed Nimbus on a new user’s computer. While we recognise that it may seem easier to have your IT team handle this process, we want to emphasise that the bespoke and highly individualised nature of Nimbus means the installation process is best handled by our consulting team. We can install Nimbus on a new user’s computer quickly and remotely, we promise this will be less frustrating, more time and cost effective!

Call: 0800 646287


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