Build Efficiencies with Nimbus Custom Package

Nimbus is a complete ERP solution that empowers your company to collect, manage, and distribute your company data. However, if your company has a need for specialised processes or data analysis, our consultants can customise a solution that will help you work even more efficiently. There is so much more to the Nimbus system, which will help your business prosper.

Nimbus consultants proposed custom solutions for two different clients recently.

Upgrading to a Quoting Workflow

After upgrading to the latest version of Nimbus 6.09 this client wanted to achieve even more value from their Nimbus system while also making improvements to their current workflow. 

As part of the upgrade process the client identified two goals:
– improve the workflow between quoting and procurement to save time, and
– produce more accurate quotes with fewer errors.


With the upgrade to Nimbus 6.09, the client was on their way to meeting their goals. Nimbus proposed improvements to the client’s Quoting System including the creation of an updated Quote Template. The optional Quote Template customised by Nimbus incorporates new functionality such as prefilled fields so that the client can eliminate manual data entry and reduce checking time.

The customisation also includes a method for global updates of the codes which are not updated via normal price book imports.
The integration of this custom Nimbus Quote Template made our client’s quoting to procurement process smoother and easier and has also set the stage for more efficient Project completion overall.  

Materials Procurement Made Easier

A second Nimbus client wanted to improve their procurement processes so that their projects would run more smoothly. They wanted to be able to easily scan and identify when certain stock or products were missing from their quotes. With large numbers of items on their procurement orders, this was a time-consuming task and if key materials were missed, projects could be difficult to complete on time.

This client’s key goal was to be able to filter and organize materials by project or job so that they could execute projects more efficiently.


Nimbus suggested implementing the new Quote Orders package, which utilises Nimbus reporting tools to deliver data to users in an easy to manage format. This option allows this client to filter by supplier, category, code, and more. This makes it easier to raise orders that consolidate items across jobs or to create bulk orders while also ensuring accurate back costing of materials to the relevant job.

With help from Nimbus, this new Quote Orders package allows the client to easily create a picking list that shows all stock and materials for selected jobs, including any stock that is held for an item. It also means that the client can easily see accurate back costing for the relevant job, so they have better overall understanding of their budgeted costs.  

For more information about how our consultants can help you improve you System Utilisation or customise your Nimbus system contact Daryl Woodward
Please note: There are additional fees for any customisation or additional package that our consultants create. 

Hints and Tips

This month isn’t a hint or tip but a reminder. If you need help with an issue with your Nimbus or have a query regarding your Nimbus System please remember to follow the Support Process. Our Consultants are involved in project work and this means your go-to Consultant might not be available. To ensure your request is seen in a timely manner the best practice is to follow the Support Process.

Click here to download an easy to read pdf version.

Release date: 31st May 2022

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