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Nimbus – JDM Technology Group

On the 1st February 2019 Nimbus Software Limited celebrated 1 year as a company within the JDM Technology Group (

There have been many changes within Nimbus, most of which are not yet outwardly visible to our clients such as;

  • access to the wider groups technology which will allow us to deliver new products quicker;
  • staff recruitment & role changes to enable us to reduce lead times;
  • improvements to our product release process with a consistent program of upgrades and updates.
  • This was initiated with the release of v6.08 on the 1st Dec 2018. V6.08 will be supported by 2 updates; 1st April v6.08.1 and 1st August v6.08.2.
  • We will then release v6.09 on 1 Dec 2019 which is the upgrade to v6.08.2. This not only ensures we are keeping abreast of your needs and market trends, but it will allow you to easily  keep up to date with our latest versions.

We have also implemented a customer service team, and this will start to show with regular communication, better visibility of what we can offer, and better support of the work you do.

Our goal for this year is to improve our offering and service. SMART and SIMPLE. As we continue to transition you will start to see the effect this will have on our product and service delivery. We would welcome your input, or if you would like to learn more, please get in contact.