Release History

V608.1 [In progress]

Status : Bata testing

New component

Chrome App Luancher
  • Open files or Apps from Nimbus in Chrome browser for window.

Existing component

V608 Enhanced report
  • Sort multiple columns for a better filtered report
  • Set tooltip for individual link record
  • Change default style to suite client preferences
  • Display link type record as non-link type when links data is missing
  • Collaboration of report front-end and back-end to determine the number of records a user can export for security purpose.
  • Print function generate report with filters that had been removed
  • New option to report to allow the set-up of displaying all header related links of report. With only certain links met report criteria display as active
  • Option to auto generate start time and end time with business hour
  • Sort schedules in start time rather than scheduler ids
  • Scheduler maintains colours when it is in ReadOnly mode
  • Real time resource update on right-click to delete
  • Hide or show the option H/V [horizontal view/vertical view] to individual user
  • Form opens in the centre of screen
  • Symbol generate by Alt Codes can now be saved in database
  • Hide/show certain tabs on forms
  • Result to display in the text field after a comman button to run Store Procedure
  • DateTime popup generate the slots of time according to duration in set-up
  • Popup can be moved/dragged out of parent frame
  • Html printing supports both portrait and landscape templates
  • Print dialog works on Chrome
Debtor GST Esempt
  • Debtor GST exempt  works in transaction postings
Creditor GST Esempt
  • New flag option as GST zero rated for transaction with no GST charged on creditors
  • Option to set menu items in specific menu to alphabetical order
Transaction Posting from a View
  • Nimbus Transaction Posting from a View can be added and can be run from menu link
  • Google map can be incorporated into Nimbus software when users have API keys
  • Option to generate the checklist in alphabetical order
  • Scroll bar appearing in Chrome unnecessary
  • Popup appearing with the wrong width and height in Chrome
  • Message text for Sever error does not look consistent in different browsers