Nimbus works with Southern Plumbing

Helping Southern Plumbing move to mobile data capture.

Southern Plumbing Case Study Image

Southern Plumbing Case Study

Mobile Data Capture

Southern Plumbing is a home and business service company with a strong presence in Wellington since 1982. They started out as a Plumbing company and now do complete home renovations – including electrical, decorating and tiling. They have a reputation for doing the difficult jobs.

The owner, Doug Brennan has been interested in technology for a long time. And, he always had a vision for how mobile could transform his business. He has been through all the early mobile developments from mobile terminals in vans to the early tablets and even texting for job dispatch.

Southern Plumbing currently use AMS on Samsung Android devices. So why did they move to mobile data capture?

  • To be able to “read” the writing
  • To eliminate the wait for the guys to bring the sheets back in to the office
  • To reduce the costs of getting the data into their systems

“We started by doing all the timesheets and then moved to job sheets. And, we haven’t looked back.”

The decision to use AMS was based on several factors:

  • Simple
  • Easy to use
  • Can go in to the system and change things quickly
  • No programmer required – could do it ourselves


After only 4 months, Southern Plumbing have experienced significant benefits:

  • Invoicing has gone from one week to same day
  • Eliminated data entry
  • No more filing and storing timesheets/worksheets
  • “Hardly ever use our printer now” – no more toner, paper needed
  • High visibility of all necessary information to guys in the field

Going Mobile

“It’s just easy and convenient. The guys always liked playing with their phones…now they can do it for the business!” Doug Brennan, Owner, Southern Plumbing

This is a Nimbus Software Partner Client.