Maximise your bottom-line with Nimbus Business Management Software

Your Business, Your Software

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Fully integrated business database solution software configured and driven by your business needs.  

Interfaced with payroll systems, Microsoft Project, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and graphical reporting.

Business and Corporate Enterprise Grade software that includes:-

  • Job Management
  • Mobile
  • Inventory
  • Financial Management
  • Quoting and Tendering
  • Service Management
  • Customer Relationship Management


Why Nimbus Software?

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Job and process workflow management software designed and built to improve business processes and performance in the Contracting and Service sectors.

Nimbus software suite offers:-

  • Decision-makers unprecedented levels of information management to help transform bottom-line results and yield surprising efficiencies through better workflow process management
  • A single consistent user interface by bringing all your software modules into one place, without integration gaps
  • Your business more time, more billable hours and best practice contract management.


Our Clients Say



Job Management

Nimbus allows you to leverage business intelligence and apply it for strategic job management. Determining ways to achieve, and sustain viable marketplace differentiators to outpace the competition through a process of continuous review and improvement.

Improve project success with better workflow process management.  Capture project variations, manage retentions and progress claims. Comply with the Contract Act 2002, manage workplace safety records and transact in foreign currency.

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Reporting & Financial Management

Create presentation-ready reports and dashboards

Whether presenting to a client, reporting to the bank, or updating your management team these reports are perfect for monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.

Customise branded reports by choosing which KPIs are monitored and highlighted in your reports.

Gain deeper insights into your business performance with in-depth analysis tools and metrics. These tools and metrics help to assess profitability, cashflow, growth and other KPI’s.

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Our customers invest in Nimbus because their executives recognise that our software improves business efficiency.  The more a company knows about its customers, markets, processes, and internal operations, the more effectively it can pursue growth and profitability.

Nimbus enables electronic data interchange (EDI). Permitting real-time visibility into transaction status. This in turn enables faster decision-making and improved responsiveness to changing customer and market demands.

If you require more than one Application Programming Interface (API) opposed to EDI ask yourself why.

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User Licence from $17.50 per month excl GST

  • On-network mobility and/or
  • Off-network mobility

Easy-to-use Nimbus Mobile functionalities that allow operational and field staff to work independently of the office.

Encompasses work schedules, timesheets, job management, and purchase orders.

Easily customised to meet your company’s unique needs and enhance the way you work. In effect it is DIY mobile software for transforming the way your business captures and transfers information.

Provides a comprehensive, long-term approach to improving your company’s mobility, resulting in dramatic efficiency gains.

Unlocks the potential of your company’s mobile devices, so they can be used to collect, process, send and receive virtually any kind of business data, in any format, with outstanding speed and ease.

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Customer Relationship Management

Build better relationships, track and manage customer interaction through call logs.  

Gain insight into customer profability allowing you to focus on the customers who count most.

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The ability to add user-defined configurability means we can meet the needs of our clients that ‘out-of the-box’ software solutions can’t.   

Focused on client needs and risk management, our ability to collect information on business processes, map them and offer recommendations for improvement ensures data architecture design to meet best practice.

At Nimbus we are dedicated to delivering the very best business management software for New Zealand firms. Years of research and development have led us to a very powerful software solution.

Gail Murdoch, General Manager