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Manufacturing Software

Flexible Manufacturing Software that Works the Way You Do

Traditional manufacturing software provides little flexibility when you need to meet your customer’s needs, and often requires that companies change their process to fit the software. Nimbus takes the opposite approach. Our manufacturing software matches the way people work with flexible business processes that make sense for your company.

Because it’s part of Nimbus’s single platform system, our manufacturing software helps your team work efficiently and productively. Your data is captured in real time and shared between departments so your project manager can track a product throughout its life cycle from tender to delivery. With our smart reporting you will know right away when something critical happens, like changes to stock items, new client demands, you can be pro-active in dealing with it.

With Nimbus all your data is in one place which will ensure the quality of the product, speed up delivering times and improve cost control. A better outcome for your team and clients.

Our Manufacturing Process

More efficient processes mean quicker delivery, better quality, improved margins and that means more sales.

Step 1

Start Your Manufacturing Job Right

Up front planning ensures your manufacturing project is set up to succeed. With our flexible estimation software, we can handle all of your tendering and purchasing needs. What’s more: Nimbus’s configurable templates allow you to build accurate, multi level Bills of Materials, so you can be sure the parts you need are available when you’re ready for assembly.

Step 2

Simplify Planning and Scheduling Your Labour

Allocating your team efficiently means balancing tight schedules. Don’t get stuck waiting for your team to free up their time. Our manufacturing software allows you to easily and accurately plan and schedule manufacturing projects. Use our task and subcontractor management tools to monitor your workflows and assess your capacity so you can maximize your uptime.

Step 3

Production Control in one Easy to Use Platform

Manage and track your manufacturing processes in a single place so that you have total visibility from planning to completion. With Nimbus, you’ll have complete control over your assets, and you’ll be able to make sure your orders are completed on time and on budget.

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