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Accounts Receivable

Get Versatile ERP software that Eliminates Friction

With Nimbus’s accounts receivable, you’ll have the ability to automate manual processes, so you can eliminate hold-ups and grow without limits.

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Set it and Forget it Efficiency

Having integrated ERP software like Nimbus makes it easy to build time-saving workflows that obey your business rules. Workflows automate manual processes so your team can spend more time on high-value tasks and waste less time on repetitive ones.

  • Send automatic reminders to your Accounts Receivable team when an invoice is nearing pre-set aging limits, so your team can follow up at exactly the right time and collect payments faster.
  • Protect yourself from high-risk debt by taking the guesswork out of debt management. Set up debit thresholds and automatically disable point of sale transactions when customers hit your predetermined limit.
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Intelligent Accounts Receivable Processing that Does the Heavy Lifting

Nimbus helps you automate and optimise each invoicing stage for maximum efficiency with:

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Automatic Invoices as your Jobs Progress

Nimbus’s all-in-one system makes it easy to see the status of your jobs at any time and invoice promptly as payment milestones are reached. A quick review, by a supervisor and the invoice, is automatically added to the next invoice run, so you get paid faster.
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Recurring Invoices to Save Time

Create recurring invoices one time and reuse them every period. This is particularly useful for service level agreement fees or rental charges for plant hire.
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Customise Settings So You Can Deliver Invoices the Way your Customers Want
Nimbus helps your team look good by proactively checking your customer’s saved preferences and producing an invoice in their preferred format – electronic or printed.

Create Invoices Your Way

With Nimbus, you’ll have a comprehensive selection of invoicing options that can be used to meet your requirements.

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Progress Invoicing

Promptly invoice when certain project milestones are met so you can keep the cash flowing on larger jobs.

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Combined Invoicing

Simplify your invoicing by automatically combining several small jobs for the same customer on one invoice.

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Time & Materials

Easily produce invoices using your set rate, while maintaining the true costs for analysis.

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Point of Sale Invoicing

Effortlessly generate a one-off invoice for a cash sale or link the invoice to an existing customer to maintain purchase history.

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