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CRM Software

Keep Every Department Connected with Proven CRM Software

If you’re like most busy contractors, you’re looking for ways to stay engaged with your
customers so you can make sure their needs are met. And with an eye on the future, you’ve set goals for connecting with new prospects and tracking activities and quotes.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides a complete overview of all your customer relationships and interactions. Nimbus helps your team serve your customers more responsively by providing transparent access to all of your essential customer information in a single system.

There’s no need to transfer data back and forth from a separate CRM software because Nimbus integrates customer data as the foundation for our comprehensive system, so you have the freedom to focus on what matters.

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Shared Information for Closer Working Relationships

Our CRM software is based on a comprehensive and fully integrated database that empowers you to track every point of contact with your customers and prospects. It’s the foundation for all of your business relationships from prospect management to quoting to customer maintenance.

  • Enter information once and your key customer information is updated throughout Nimbus, so you’ll save time on administration and reduce rekeying errors.
  • Track every point of contact, recent actions, and more in one single system that integrates all your customer data.
  • Securely store all of your customer documentation such as emails, photos, drawings and more in a single place.
  • Create customer files that every department can see, so they can serve your customers better.
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Making Sense of the Details

Get real clarity into your business relationships with powerful reporting tools that show you every detail of the sales process from concept to completion. Our powerful reports help you see your progress so you can make smart decisions and coordinate planning across departments. Nimbus’s comprehensive, agile reporting allows you to collect and compare information beyond customer files.

  • Collect, organize, and analyse your data with reports that dig into the key information for your business.
  • Design reports that include the KPIs that are important to you.
  • Compare projections to actual budget data and track inventory and materials management so you can anticipate your customer’s needs.
  • Set notifications for crucial data updates such as stop credit or always ask for a PO number.
  • Track quotes by important metrics to forecast your sales pipeline more accurately.
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Flexible Configuration for your CRM

Our flexible CRM software helps you track and store client data easily and securely. Our reporting tools help you track current prospects or search your historical data. Nimbus can fit your needs and help you create productive long term relationships with the customers you have today and in the future.
  • Maintain your business’s intellectual and client knowledge so that you can stay current
    and engaged with your customers.
  • Capture individual customer and company characteristics so that you can personalize
    your contacts with your customers.
  • Compare projections to actual budget data and track inventory and materials management so you can anticipate your customer’s needs.
  • Automate manual processes so that you never lose track of important details in an email chain.
  • Track and record details every stage in the sales process for prospective clients