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Project Management

Planning Tools that Set your Team Up for Success

Planning for a successful job or project completion means scheduling work for multiple different departments. Without access to the latest data about scheduled work, it’s tough to foresee problems that might cause costly delays. Our interactive project management tool, Visual Planner, can eliminate this uncertainty.

Using data from Nimbus to show you actual scheduled work and likely scheduled workloads in one place, Visual Planner makes it easy to identify potential bottlenecks so you can make adjustments before they become costly.

Project Management

See the Big Project Picture at a Glance

A project management tool like Visual Planner is essential for longer projects as well as for jobs that take a few days. You can create a plan or make alterations on the fly as new data becomes available.

  • Set views that reflect the way your company works so your schedulers and project managers can make
    profitable plans.
  • View projects in Gantt viewer, and use inline editor to edit and manage start and end times, job duration, task order and more.
Project Management

Better Project Management Doesn’t Stop at Project Launch

Great project management requires transparency into your jobs and projects from day one to day 1001 and beyond. Project planning is an ongoing operation, which requires up-to-date information to deliver successful jobs and projects.

  • Before you begin: easily review all project dependencies to determine if the timeline is achievable.
  • Include non-chargeable tasks such as employee training, workshop set up, and cleaning so you can accurately account for all of the time needed for your job or project.
  • Print to PDF and attach the document to Mobile Worker so your field employees have access to all the job details using their mobile devices.

Improved Communication and Team Work

Lack of communication is one of the biggest issues in managing any project. Our Visual Planner makes communication easy, accurate and timely. It also creates a sense of accountability through transparency, as each area is ‘on show’ and dependencies and outcomes are clear. This shared visual plan helps the whole team to deal with issues sooner and succeed.


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