Imagine a system that doesn't lock you down, but has been strategically designed to cope with the challenges that real Kiwi businesses encounter.

Quoting and Tendering Image

Nimbus creates fast and accurate estimates and quotes. It stores them for easy retrieval, simple reference and… Read More

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Sitting behind the extensive functionality of Nimbus is a fully integrated financial management system to reflect… Read More

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Nimbus invoicing gives our clients a creative and versatile sales process: invoicing that can be created on completion… Read More

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The Nimbus tool set extends functionality to provide you with the flexibility to work and report in a way that… Read More

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Complete project and job management processes define absolute levels of successful product or service… Read More

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Nimbus provides you with the functionality to manage both your customers’ assets as well as your own… Read More

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For many businesses, inventory forms a large part of the balance sheet value. Minimising this provides additional… Read More

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Nimbus has a comprehensive purchase order system, allowing users to raise and generate purchase orders… Read More

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Jobs are the cornerstone of service management. Nimbus provides you with a wide range of tools… Read More

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Mobilise your workforce with a single integrated mobile solution – Mobile Worker keeps your business in touch… Read More


Manufacturing is often described as the use of machines, tools and labour to produce goods for use of sale. Read more

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Customer Relationship Management is the cornerstone of ensuring you stay well engaged with the sales… Read More

Quality reporting is the payback we all get from the hours of data input. The closer to real time reporting is, the more useful it is… Read More

TRM (Time and Resource Management), is designed to be accessed from a web browser to allow Time, Expenses and Stock… Read More

Visual Project Planner

The Nimbus Visual Project Planner (VPP) is designed to give you an interactive visual tool to manage your projects… Read More

Visual Project Planner

Scheduling your time, ensures your work and that of your team, is visible and lets you know what you need to achieve… Read More