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The insight and agility you need to operate at peak performance

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Manage Profitability with Complete Confidence

With so many tasks, jobs, and projects to oversee, keeping your business on track can be complicated. Are you underbilling your labour hours or overstocking your inventory? Without productivity management software to give you a true overview of your projects and jobs as they progress, you could be diluting your margins.

We know from experience that clear, accurate information is vital to keep your day-to-day operations running optimally. Nimbus ERP software empowers you to effectively analyse your data and make timely, informed decisions.

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Eliminate double entry with mobile-enabled time and productivity management tools.

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Create reports at any point in a job for flexible and comprehensive access to current numbers.
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Control cost overruns with live visual metrics so you can take immediate action before your costs balloon out of control.
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Maximise your investment in equipment and materials with tools that show you how to keep your assets productive and profitable.
Productivity Mangement
“It literally saves close to a hundred hours a month of processing time for our office around time-keeping; now our payroll co-ordinator exports the data that’s in the time keeping system ready for entry to the payroll”

Nimbus Productivity Management Solutions


Efficiently quote on small to multi-million-dollar jobs, while laying the foundation for long-term success.

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Job Management

Take control of your service business with tools to manage workflow and track your paperwork.

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Manage teams or individual employees, share information with project leads, and track the timing of sub-trades so you can keep your projects on track and on time.

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Visual Planner

Visual Planner makes it easy to identify potential bottlenecks so you can make adjustments before they become costly.

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Stay in control of purchasing with detailed reports that let you analyse your expenses, committed costs, cash flow, and more.

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Take charge of purchasing, tracking, and distribution of the items you need to complete your projects.

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Keep track of every piece of your job, including budgets, time, materials, plant, and equipment resources so you can stay on schedule and on budget.

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Accounts Payable Automation

Capture, approve, and file your invoices electronically and eliminate duplicate data entry and lost paperwork.

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Reimagine the way you work with a single, integrated mobile solution for your entire workforce.

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Time Capture

Give your team a simple, accurate way to instantly enter time worked on their mobile devices.

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Service Management

Grow and manage your service business with powerful features that improve your efficiency and ensure your customers have an excellent experience every time.

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