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Inventory Management

Take Stock and Control Inventory

Contracting companies invest significantly in materials and equipment to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget, but inventory management can be a balancing act with potential pitfalls on all sides. You need to have items on hand so you can quickly resolve customer requests, but no one wants to tie up too much cash in inventory that sits around in a warehouse. And you need to maintain the best prices on materials and equipment so that you can maintain the margins in your budget.

Our Inventory Management software empowers you to take charge of purchasing, tracking, and distribution of the items you need to complete your projects so that you can avoid spending too much on inventory and storage or failing to have the items you need to complete your projects on time and on budget.

Run a Smart Purchasing System

Our purchasing system is flexible enough to generate Purchase Orders directly from different areas of our ERP system, including from quotes and sales orders. You can even generate a purchase order when inventory levels reach a set minimum. We’ll make it easy to manage and report on all of your procurement needs.

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No worry conversion calculations.

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You can decide when to hold stock and when to sell it.

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Add POs for regular inventory, non-stock items, items identified.

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Handle and receive partial deliveries or split freight costs across many line items on your POs.

Control Costs with Truly Efficient Inventory Management

Materials costs can rise suddenly and unpredictably. Our inventory management tools help ensure you know where you’re spending your money and which suppliers offer the best prices for your preferred inventory items.

  • Easily assign margins and discounts at debtor, job, or project level.
  • Add price books for your preferred suppliers.
Inventory Management
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Do you Know Where Your Inventory is?

Accurate inventory tracking saves you the headache of searching through waybills and POs to find the items you need to complete your projects on time. Comprehensive data designed specifically for the finance and project teams. Our inventory database includes precise location information, so you can easily and efficiently move items and equipment to the job site. If you need an item for a job, just transfer the inventory from your warehouse or storage facility to a service truck. What could be easier?

  • Provide access to inventory data to everyone from project managers to your office staff so everyone works from the same set of information.
  • Set maximum and minimum stock levels incorporating lead times so that your inventory is always “just right.”
  • Select from our list of standard reports to track non-required stock, stock shrinkage, vehicle stock, sub-assembled parts, manufactured goods, and more.
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