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We Make Sense of your Business Data so you can Focus on What Matters

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Comprehensive, Flexible Business Management Software that Helps you Control Costs & Maximise Growth

Business data accumulates every day in spreadsheets and projections and reports. You know you have all the information that you need to grow your business, but the sheer volume of it can feel overwhelming. Without a clear, current, and accurate overview of your finances, projects, jobs, and customer needs, your progress could be derailed.

Nimbus is a complete business management software that simplifies administration and empowers you to make informed decisions for your business.

You’ll immediately be working using our core components and our dedicated consultants will help provide solutions that suit your business needs. We’ll help you streamline your processes and identify areas where you can create efficiencies so that you can focus on delivering services to your customers.

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Make more informed decisions with real-time, transparent business management reporting and analytics tools.

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Strengthen your budget creation with comprehensive, accurate financial overviews.
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Maximize your investments in equipment and materials with tools that show you how to keep your assets productive and profitable.
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Strengthen your oversight with extensive Board reporting.
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Build efficiencies into your business process with scheduling and other time management options.
Business Management Software
“Continuous improvement is important to us. We’re always looking at ways to improve, speed our operation, be more efficient and Nimbus has been right beside us as we’ve grown and expanded.”

Nimbus Business Management Solutions

Management Accounting

Rest assured your planned budgets and actual results line up with forecasting, monitoring and performance tracking

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Simplify tracking your jobs, including budgets, time, materials, plant, and equipment resources so you can stay on schedule and on budget.

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Serve your customers more responsively by providing transparent access to all of your essential customer information in a single system.

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Build your own reports or dashboards to capture the data that’s most important for your business.

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Collect, analyze, and monitor the data that’s crucial for your success with visual reporting.

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Document Management

Save, search and access your documents with our easy to use software. Never lose a document again. 

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