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Asset Management

There’s a Better Way to Manage Assets

You want the best value from your assets, but it can be confusing and time-consuming to keep current records of all your business assets. If you’re using spreadsheets to calculate operational, maintenance, valuation, and depreciation of everything from your buildings to service vehicles to office furniture, there is a simpler way.

Nimbus makes it easy to track and manage all your assets so that you’ll know where your assets are and what they’re worth. We’ll take the guesswork out of asset management by notifying you when maintenance is due, and when to sell assets that are no longer profitable.

Asset Management is seamlessly integrated into your company’s workflow and ensures you are managing your assets effectively, profitably, and in compliance.

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Accurate Asset Management for the Entire Life Cycle of Your Assets

You want to know your assets are helping you work productively, but how do you calculate the cost versus benefit of your warehouses or service vehicles? For more clarity about whether your assets are making you money or cutting into your profit, we’ve got you covered. Nimbus helps you calculate the cost of owning your assets for the entire life of the asset.
  • Calculate costs per unit, per usage, over time.
  • Compare asset costs per unit across your fleet so you can make decisions with clear information.
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Keep your Team Working Optimally with Planned Maintenance

Avoid costly breakdowns that disrupt your schedules and negatively impact your customers’ confidence. Nimbus allows you to proactively schedule regular maintenance so that your assets can operate at peak performance.
  • Set maintenance schedules to remind you of planned maintenance work.
  • Automatically generate jobs and regular maintenance tasks.
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Complete Control of Your Operational Costs

  • Calculate management and financial depreciation.