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Reporting Software

Make Business Decisions with Confidence

Your company generates a lot of data every day, but unless you can easily make sense of the information with integrated reporting software, it can be overwhelming. To make the best decisions, you need real time reporting software that tell you which departments are performing and where adjustments need to be made.

With Nimbus, you can have it your way: use our real time reporting tools to build your own reports or dashboards to capture the data that’s most important for your business. Nimbus helps you track the right numbers and empowers you to make decisions that will improve the overall performance of your company.

Finance Reporting Software

With standard reporting that’s essential for New Zealand construction and contracting companies, you won’t need to export rows of data to build your monthly, quarterly, or ad hoc reports to a spreadsheet. We’ve built an impressive group of reports ready for you to use at the push of a button. And, since every company is different, we offer flexible options that will help any company to make the most out of its data.

  • Drill down to see details that are important to you.
  • View a visual overview with our office dashboard suite for accounts payable, accounts receivable, and banking.

Management Reporting Software

To know the profitability of jobs and projects, Nimbus provides comparisons between budgeted and actual items, and allows managers to forecast projected completion costs so that you can change course before it’s too late. Our real time reporting tools do all of this and more.

  • Set KPIs that are important for your company.
  • Track budgeted versus actual spending on labour, plant, materials, disbursements, and more.
Reporting Software

Productivity Reporting Software

We make performance measurement simple and standard with reports that analyze and summarize any aspect of your business. Each department, team, or individual has the opportunity focus on what is important to them.

  • Track your team’s productivity by department or across the company.
  • Recoup spending for your plant and materials with our specialized recovery reporting.
  • Configure your reports to better measure client specific workflows or integrate products made by third party developers.

Effective reporting software truly gives you the freedom to focus on what matters.


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