What is an ERP system

What is ERP?

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, a type of software used by businesses to manage everyday business processes and activities. Our Enterprise Resource Planning system brings all your data together in a centralised system and gives your employees the ability to retrieve information in a way that makes sense for their role and your business.

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ERP means efficiency

Nimbus is an ERP System for construction and contracting companies that empower everyone on your team to work from the same data within a single system. Gain visibility and accountability into every department of your business so you can grow without limits.

Why is an ERP system right for my business?

An ERP system may seem like an overwhelming prospect, something that’s too difficult or just too big for your business. But enterprise resource planning systems can help most companies.

Simply put, if you manage time, labour, plant, equipment, or stock, you can benefit from an ERP system. Our ERP system, Nimbus, will empower you to work smarter and more efficiently because every task and process is integrated within a single system.

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Here are five ways our ERP system will improve the way you do business:

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1 — Unify multiple systems

Maybe you have an accounting system and a separate scheduler and project management software and yet another system to manage quoting. An ERP system that manages all of those functions means those departments won’t be siloed anymore.

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2 — Get more productive

Does your staff spend too much time keying data into forms? An ERP system can help you manage data and eliminate repetitive administrative work for your staff. Less data entry means increased time for more beneficial work.
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3 — Create better customer relationships

With the ability to access information from all of your business functions you’ll be more responsive to your customer needs, and you’ll be able to act faster to deliver on those needs.

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4 — Make Informed Decisions Faster

Improve your ability to understand and analyse your business with sophisticated reporting and analytics tools. Customised dashboards for top-level KPIs provide transparency into your projects. Specialised reporting means you can make better decisions faster. There’s no more waiting around for an IT person to create the report you need.

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5 — Work from the Same Playbook

Do people in different departments have to wait for information to make a decision? Our ERP system makes your business data available to every team in your organization. That means that planning activities and management of resources are always based on immediately available figures. Timely, transparent information about project costs, inventory levels, labour availability and more means you’re less likely to see projects stall for lack of information or a hiccup in planning.

“We’re a much bigger business now. Nimbus has been there beside us as we’ve grown and expanded. We’re always looking at ways to improve and to speed our operation and be more efficient and Nimbus is right behind us and working with us around that.”

 Jennie Gillespie, Topline Trade Services


Responsive expert software backed-up by a responsive team of experts.

With Nimbus, not only do you have all your data at your fingertips, you also have a team of technicians just a phone call away. This gives you the freedom to focus on making better business decisions, and leave all the technical details to the experts.

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