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Project Management

The Right Solution for Your Projects

Projects move fast – and with so many moving parts, managers need to easily evaluate performance at any point in time so they can pivot on a dime. With Nimbus’s consolidated reporting, you’ll have the crucial information you need to make the right decisions to deliver a successful project every time.

Our project management software makes it simpler to keep track of every piece of your job, including budgets, time, materials, plant, and equipment resources so you can stay on schedule and on budget.

Project Management

Easily See which Departments are Profitable with Integrated Project Management Tools

Clear planning helps you keep projects profitable. Because Nimbus creates the project from your successful quote, you’ll have a projected profit before you even start the job. We’ll help your finance managers keep an eye on the budget throughout the life of the project, and update forecasts as the numbers roll in from all of your departments

  • Develop and model budgets at any stage of the project.
  • Track variations, revisions and transfers
    between jobs, including time, stock, and more.
Project Management

Bring your Team Together

We make it easier to bring your projects from quote to completion. Our project management software allows your entire team to work within a single integrated platform. With Nimbus, you can share data with every department that needs it, so your team can collaborate better and work more efficiently.
  • Flip the switch to turn a successful quote into a Nimbus project so you don’t have to rekey data.
  • Trigger the creation of POs and manage stock on the job.
  • Link to job cost means you have current budget updates.
  • Manage materials, plant and equipment
    throughout the life of the project.
  • Integrate time sheet entry so your labour
    costs are always up to date.