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Service Management

Delight your Customers, Every Time

Grow and manage your service business with powerful features that improve your efficiency and ensure your customers have an excellent experience every time. With Nimbus’s service management software, you can easily see how your business is doing and track your jobs so that you stay on track.

Our service management software is designed to keep all of your service management needs in one place. Nimbus is a single platform to track customer communications, control workflow, manage your job costs, as well as handling scheduling and timesheets. What could be simpler?

Key Service Management Features:

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Customer Calls

Record and log your customer calls so you’ll always have a record of your customer communications. Easily create service jobs directly from Nimbus.

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Service Jobs / Ticketing

Control the workflow for your service jobs. You can set priorities, manage deadlines, assign a supervisor, and more.

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Scheduled Tasks

Calculate work scheduled for each step of the job. Manage employee time efficiently by tracking work scheduled by work type, workflow, and estimated hours.

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Ensure that costs are included in your job totals so that you always know what your committed costs are. Compare actual costs to your estimated costs for strong variance control.

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Automate timesheet postings from Nimbus schedules, Mobile Worker  or Time Capture. Alternately, you can choose the option to key in time manually.

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Service Level Agreements

Let Nimbus track which jobs are chargeable, and which are covered by your existing contract, so you’ll always be able to manage your SLA profitably.

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