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Scheduling Software

Better Visibility Helps You Make the Most of your Time

To keep your projects on track and on time, you need an efficient, accurate scheduling tool that keeps everyone on your team informed. With Nimbus Schedular, you can manage teams or individual employees, share information with project leads, and manage the timing of subtrades.

Here are some of the different areas Nimbus will improve the way you do business:

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With Nimbus, we make it easy to view time worked by your employees so you can stay on track to complete your jobs efficiently. You can be certain you’re always working off the most up-to-date schedules because our scheduling tool distributes information throughout Nimbus and to our mobile scheduling app.
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Plant & Equipment
Simplify project management by ensuring your plant and equipment are available when you need them. Plan ahead for new equipment so that you can budget for capital costs. Nimbus also helps you keep on top of all your equipment with checklists that show the location of items that fail to return from the field.
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Our scheduling software can also be used as a booking system for your service jobs. Colour coding allows you to see at a glance which employees are available for service assignments, when a job is accepted, when the employee arrives at a job site, and other key status updates.
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Material Deliveries
Delivers clarity so that you can track the arrival of the materials and equipment necessary to complete your jobs.

It Pays to Plan Ahead

Successful project management means keeping a close eye on tasks and timing. Use our scheduling software to manage labour hours and track equipment used so that you can plan efficiently when you have multiple jobs that require skilled labour or specific equipment. Over time, tracking labour hours on specific jobs will allow you to make more accurate assessments for subcontractor or employee requirements.

  • Automatically alerts you if actual time billed to a job exceeds the quoted hours so you can take action
    to minimise loss.
  • Detailed plant utilization records mean you can recoup more of your costs by charging for recoveries.
  • A flexible display shows details for an individual or team assigned to specific tasks.
  • Reporting data from your equipment scheduler helps simplify equipment replacement planning
  • Instantly distribute labour and equipment hours to the specific job so that you can bill more accurately.
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Clear Visibility Wherever You Are

Your team doesn’t work at a desk or even at the same site every day, and so our scheduling tools are mobile compatible. Schedule work tasks from the office and your employee’s schedule automatically updates. You can instantly view status updates sent from your employee’s mobile device to know when they accept a job, arrive at a job, finish a job, and more.

  • Track non-chargeable time for analysis about how to schedule work efficiently.
  • Automate the allocation of certain workers for specific jobs, such as work that requires a specific skill set.
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