Why Nimbus?

The Nimbus business management software suite offers decision-makers unprecedented levels of information management to transform bottom-line results.

Is Nimbus right for you?

Historically, Nimbus Software was developed as a complete accounting software solution, specialising in Job Costing and Management, for clients in the Service Industry. It was launched by Microcomputer Systems Ltd (MSL), in 1983 To build on the success of the Nimbus Software Products, and to assist the software to realise its full potential, Nimbus Accounting was established as an independent company and separated from MSL in 1997.

Nimbus Software Ltd has since set out to become one of the best business system solutions providers in New Zealand, and beyond. Nimbus has evolved from an accounting software provider, to a fully integrated, end-to-end solution provider, committed to delivering real time business solutions. The unique design of Nimbus Software means it is not only suitable for our core Contracts and Service Industry customers, but equally valuable to the wider business community. Our clients are diverse and include businesses such as Government and Contracting Agencies, Electricians, Plumbers, Engineers and even an Artificial Dairy Breeding Specialist.

Nimbus Software has now established an excellent reputation in providing quality;

Business Software

With over 30 years of experience, Nimbus Software has gained a reputation as a leading developer and supplier of intelligent Business Software to the Contract and Service Industries.

Accounting Software

Nimbus Software was original developed purely as an Accounting Software Solution. Today many of our early core customers are still using Nimbus Software, in either its original form, or in an upgraded version, to provide a fully integrated whole Business Solution.

Plumbing Software

Nimbus Software is extremely configurable, and as such many of our clients hail from the Plumbing Industry. Nimbus Software can be customised to adapt to the unique environment a Plumber may find themselves working in. With Nimbus features such as Mobile, and Job Control, clients are able to keep control of their business while still working out in the field.

Project Management Software

Nimbus Software allows you to manage your whole project from top to bottom. Incorporating features such as Estimating, Quoting, Asset Management, Inventory and Work Flow, Nimbus Software provides a total Business Solution to suit your needs.

Electrical Software

Electricians make up a good number of Nimbus Clients. As with the Plumbing Sector, the totally configurable nature of Nimbus Software allows the basic Nimbus package to be tailored to suit the demands an on the road Electrician may face. In addition to Mobile, key Nimbus features such as CRM and Inventory control turn business processes into business advantage, in a way that adds value to your bottom line.

Quoting Software & Estimating

Nimbus Software provides comprehensive Excel looking Spreadsheet Estimation and Quotation Tools which includes a library of standard, or user designed templates, and formulae. Nimbus Software will factor in any Time Costing or Job Costing to ensure an accurate Quote is made. The unique Nimbus Software Workflow process allows for Automated Resource Allocation, and raising of Purchase Orders from the Quote.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software

Nimbus Software provides a comprehensive customer Database, incorporating complete Prospect, Client and Call Management. The CRM facilitates multidimensional contact relationships, and allows for extensive Management Reporting, and History gathering.

Workflow Software

Nimbus Software allows you to work just the way you want to, providing the right information you require, to get the work done in a way that positively influences your bottom line.

Industry Savvy

Nimbus staff includes programmers and business consultants with many years of experience in the contracting, services, and professional services industries. They are uniquely skilled with the experience and expertise to:

  • Know how your industry really works
  • Understand the key drivers of your business
  • Identify and exploit your competitive advantage
  • Build your competitive advantage into your Nimbus solution
  • Help with informed advice to improve your commercial operations
  • Assist with strategies and structure to improve financial performance

Industry Specific

Nimbus applications are designed and built to improve business processes and performance in the contracting and services sectors, and our on-going development continues to reflect client and industry demand. This makes Nimbus a superior product for those in the Contracting and Services sectors to deploy in their businesses. The challenging commercial aspects to this type of enterprise are purposely addressed and resolved by Nimbus so as to deliver improved operational performance and increased resource and management capacity.

Superior Technology

The initial application design and on-going development takes into account that there is diversity among enterprises, even those engaged in the same sector activity. Nimbus offers user-defined setup.

This configurability means that you can embed individual processes and procedures into the software (workflow) to ensure that your competitive advantage is maintained automatically by the application. This further ensures a sustained increase in operational efficiency and business capacity. The software can be configured for every aspect of your organisation, delivering an enterprise-wide solution.


As industry specialists, Nimbus has taken the opportunity to address the complex nature of the transaction processing and integration required to ensure that the data is always up to date, accurate and reliable. This true online integration means that Nimbus provides real strategic advantage through improved business analysis, assisting management decisions.


All information is automatically and always online and up to date, resulting in improved business outcomes from quoting, WIP status, progress claims and sub-contractor management.


Automated processes and integrated activities mean less manual intervention, without duplications, errors and oversights.


Accurate and reliable information management provides improved resource capacity in administration, operations, and business management.


The return on investment is sustained profit growth through smarter methods and better applications with revenue-generating tools included.