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Topline Case Study

Nimbus Provides ERP Solutions Every
Aspect of Topline’s Contracting Business

Nimbus Software has been Topline’s choice of ERP software to manage their contracting businesses for more than twenty years, helping the company grow and create custom processes, company-specific reporting, and manage its deep knowledge base.

By using Nimbus to its fullest capacity, Topline has been able to integrate every part of its growing business. That means that handovers from one team member to another are seamless and every employee understands what’s expected from them.

Topline provides specialist trade services, including plumbing, gas fitting and drainage, and they also have a roofing company which does long metal roofing and TPO, a type of membrane roofing.

Jennie Gillespie says, “We’re very systems and process oriented. There’s systems around everything that we do.” At the 53-person company Jennie is Director of Finance and Administration, while her husband Neil is Director of Sales and Operations.

“We use Nimbus to full capacity.” Gillespie lists off some of the processes managed through their Nimbus platform: track leads, provide quotes, manage jobs, track job costs, post invoices, track claims, produce customer invoices, calculate timesheeting data, and report on the job.

“We’re a much bigger business now. Nimbus has been there beside us as we’ve grown and expanded. We’re always looking at ways to improve and to speed our operation and be more efficient and Nimbus is right behind us and working with us around that.”

 Jennie Gillespie, Topline Trade Services

Health and safety are the biggest priority

Health and safety are of primary importance for Topline because the company recognises the risks involved for its employees who do roofing and gas fitting. Gillespie explains the company leads from the top. “It’s important that we have a caring attitude across the board for all for all staff.”

Topline’s approach is to ensure they have strong processes that are enforced daily as well as regular health and safety committee meetings.

“There’s checklists and toolbox meetings that everyone partakes in on site before they commence work every day and on every job. Those are monitored by our management to ensure that they take place and to ensure that any issues are addressed immediately.”

Nimbus Software is fully integrated software that’s highly customizable.

Topline has customized the Nimbus job costing suite, which in turn helps Project Managers plan for the job more accurately. “We’ve done a lot of customization around job costing and processes for our estimators to enter quotes and tenders. How they’re entered helps our project managers understand how they need to run the job.”

Top Service and support help Topline to meet its business growth goals

Gillespie says that the positive working relationship with Nimbus is extremely important to Topline. They have a strong relationship with their dedicated salesperson, which mirrors the personalized type of business that Topline runs as well.

“Continuous improvement – that’s a big one for us. We’re always looking at ways to improve and to speed our operation and be more efficient and Nimbus is right beside us as we’ve grown and expanded.”

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