Continuous Updates

Continuous Updates

Read below to discover the enhancements to the accounts receivable features. If you would like to apply these to your system then please contact us by using the below form.

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May 2023

Audit Report New Master Report created to audit changes made.
Contracts – Job Form Resolved error message for Project Number too long.


April 2023

Invoice Print Report View changed to accommodate duplicate data to so the report header and report data match.
Contacts Not opening in Viewmaker, changed data criteria to open in viewmaker. 
Jobs Form Data length for Jobs Percent Complete Field shortened to eliminate 1E-07 appearing when data is entred. 
Job Invoicing Error message created when an incorrect job number is entered to invoice. Click Ok on error message and lookup function opens. 
Scheduler Holidays Holiday Description added to all schedulers. 


March 2023

Nimbus Users Report A new header has been added to show licnece information and count adjusted to not include any ‘Nimbus’ users.
Repor Header Details Amendment made to allow column header reordering to give users the choice of strict or not-so-strict ordering of data. 
Resize Forms A device not using Chrome would open a form it would size the content to 100% therefore resulting in an empty grey area. 
Reports – Back Button Amendments made so the back button will take a user back t the same position on a report once they had left the report. 
Security GP Details Report Enhancements added to make it more efficient. For details please contact
Stock List View Report Amendments made to eliminate expotential numbers in report and not exporting to excel. Enhacement site dependate. 
Job Posting Form In posting summary Materials label renamed as it includes all other costs. 
Export to Excel Amendment made to correct xls exports formatting error and column colours.