Backup Your Nimbus Database

Backup your Nimbus Database

Considering all the Ransomware attacks lately, it would be wise for you to review your disaster recovery policies for your Nimbus database. There is minimal risk with Nimbus as we don’t do automatic updates; our software’s update mechanism couldn’t be hacked to deliver Ransomware from the internet.  We recommend Nimbus installs onto local networks (not internet based) to limit exposure to the internet to ensure the attack area of the Nimbus product is as small as possible. Nimbus would be at risk if your server was hacked by other means – at that stage, the server is compromised and the hacker can do whatever they want.

What to Consider with your Nimbus Database Backup Plan

  • Frequency – The frequency of your back-ups will be dictated by the amount of work you would lose if you had to restore. So consider what would happen to your work flow if you were to lose weeks’ worth of data?
  • Location of Backup – Do you store the backups offsite from the server so you can recover it even if the server is hacked?
  • Managing it – Who will maintain the back up and review its effectiveness?
  • Technical specifications – Consider what the system requires in each location

Do you need Help

  • In the 1st instance contact your IT provider as we are not backup experts.
  • Keeping your Nimbus system up to date with our latest version is the best way of reducing risk to your Nimbus System. Are you on our latest version? 
  • You can subscribe to the National Computer Emergency Response Team CERT NZ’s for the latest updates on awareness and guidance of all things cyber-security including advise on preventing a ransomware attack. You can check in with CERT NZ’s Top 11 Tips for Cyber Security and if you have not implemented Multi Factor Authentication MFA, you may wish to consider it.

Note: Nimbus is not an IT services provider and this email only serves to inform you in relation to your Nimbus system. Any action you take should be done in consultation with the appropriately skilled resources.