Do More with Your Data

Your business data can help improve your company’s performance — if you can sort and display the information in a meaningful way. Our powerful real time reporting tools allow you to build your own reports to capture the data that’s most important to you.

With our newest release, Nimbus is making it even easier to bring clarity to your business planning. Here are the next level reporting tools that are only available in our newest release Nimbus 6.09.

Make Critical Decisions with Confidence

Visual dashboards make it easy to see the data that’s important for your business, so you can make proactive decisions you feel good about.

Your advantage

  • Dashboards make it easy to see at a glance which areas need attention, so you can make changes before it’s too late.
  • Gather actionable information by running a single report rather than searching multiple data sources.
  • Customisable, so you can highlight data that can make or break you.

Finally, Flexible reporting at your Fingertips

Within our General Ledger Reporter you can easily slice and dice financial data by month, quarter, or year. You can compare budgets, forecasts, and much more.

Your advantage:

  • Drill down to identify items within the current years budget.
  • Handle all your variance reporting. Easily compare monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual results and variances.
  • Easily view movements in months and codes so you can reconcile balance sheet codes without having to click in and out of reports.
  • Save views by individual users, or designate a report view for everyone.

Planning (and Replanning) for Success

As much of New Zealand comes out of lockdown, we know many of our clients will be looking for ways to reschedule and accelerate projects they were unable to complete over the past weeks.

Nimbus Scheduler makes it easy to track your labour, equipment, and materials.

Here are a few tips for working effectively with the Nimbus Scheduler.

  • Amend and post time for approval by using the scheduler together with the jobbing ledger.
  • Block out regularly occurring jobs, annual leave, and other scheduled time away so that you’ll be able to plan accurately around your capacity.
  • Don’t just use the scheduler in advance of the work. After the work is complete, drag the border of the scheduled block to increase or decrease actual time worked. This will help you estimate more accurately for further projects.
  • Use the colour codes within the scheduler to alert you of upcoming deadlines.

In addition to the above functionality, Nimbus Scheduler is configurable to your own local rules.

Small improvements can often make the biggest impact. Take full advantage of all the new features in Nimbus 6.09 by scheduling your upgrade today by contacting

Release date: 24th September 2021