Happy New Year to all our Valued Customers

The end of January is approaching and before we know it autumn will be on our doorstep.

With the change to the traffic light system moving to red for the foreseeable future it may be that you are looking at how to effectively run your business as a low-risk model to counter the effects of Omicron (such as splitting your team into bubbles).

This time of year, it’s also a good time to reprioritise your To Do List and tackle those items that got put on the back burner, like upgrading your system. The advantage of keeping your system up to date is priceless. New features available using our latest version of Nimbus can help you adapt to a competitive and ever evolving contractor market.

Whether it’s upgrading or assisting your business with managing your teams and jobs through the red traffic light environment, Nimbus is here to help you.

Upgrade now to Take Advantage of New Reporting

If you haven’t upgraded to Nimbus 6.09, start the year off right with our most powerful version yet with new reporting tools that are only available in our newest release. With our new General Ledger Reporter, you can analyze your financial data by month, quarter, or year. GL Reporter allows you to easily compare budgets, forecasts, and more.

A Reminder for our Customers Using Internet Explorer

Microsoft has indicated that it will end support for the Internet Explorer desktop application by June 15, 2022. Nimbus users can be confident that Nimbus V6.08 and our new Version 6.09 are compatible with Chrome. If you use a version of Nimbus which is 6.07 or older, please contact us so that we can plan for an upgrade and reduce the risk associated with using an unsupported

New Features to Support 2022 Business Processes

With an upgrade to V6.09 you’ll also have ability to add on optional features that make it easier to run your business well, manage remote work, and keep track of invoices and costs.

Making sense of all your business data is the way to gain a competitive edge. Our visual reporting tools help you to manage and understand the data that’s important for you to be successful.

Our invoice scanning and tracking feature NimbuScan drastically reduces the time you spend on invoice approvals and processing and allows you to track and report on invoices at every stage of the approval process. NimbuScan eliminates the problem of lost paper invoices so you don’t have to worry about payment delays.

Using our integrated mobile timekeeping software Time Portal, your mobile workforce can enter their time on any mobile device. Nimbus distributes the data where it’s needed so that remote work is more efficient.

Watch our short video to learn how Time Portal can make tracking remote work hours, equipment, and materials more convenient.

Watch our short video to learn how Time Portal can make tracking remote work hours, equipment, and materials more convenient.

Hints and Tip

Web Reports form an integral part of the Nimbus User Interface.  They present data in many ways and allow users to filter on columns to drill down to the data that is important to them.   Date pickers, lookups, and number range filters are represented by icons under the column header.  These are simple to use and automatically use the correct syntax when applied.

Additional logical filters can be used in web reports to allow users more options when looking at their data to find the information they need.  Click here to download an easy to read pdf version of some of the available filters.

Release date: 27th January 2022