Internet Explorer (IE) Desktop Application

Microsoft Update – IE Desktop Application

Microsoft is retiring it’s Internet Explorer (IE) Desktop Application – This has been communicated by Microsoft for several years and therefore you, or your IT provider, should be aware of this and how it would affect the applications that you are running. Nimbus has also been highlighting this issue and in December 2019 Nimbus launched version 6.08 (and later versions), with Chrome as its preferred browser.

The deadline is here, 15th June 2022 – Nimbus is ready, is your business?

The Problem

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) retires on June 15, 2022, after which IE will be out of support and will be permanently disabled. The IE desktop application will be progressively redirected to Microsoft Edge over the following months, and ultimately disabled via Windows Updates. Microsoft have committed to supporting most of the functionality that Internet Explorer supported. But, with any change of technology, there is a risk. After this deadline when users try to launch shortcuts or file associations that use IE11, they will be redirected to open the same file/URL in Microsoft Edge.

How does this affect your Nimbus System

There is the potential for this to impact your Nimbus system if you are on version 6.07 or earlier. Microsoft’s goal is to replace IE with IE mode and to support what IE supported. Microsoft Edge doesn’t support ActiveX controls or Browser Help Objects (BHOs) like Silverlight or Java. However, if you’re running web apps that use ActiveX controls, BHOs, or legacy document modes on Internet Explorer 11, you can configure them to run in IE mode on the new Microsoft Edge. However, Nimbus cannot guarantee nor predict how Microsoft changes will affect your system.

What can you do about it

Nimbus requires our clients to maintain their system version to within 12 months of each release. So, to prepare for this deadline, Nimbus launched version 6.08 in December 2019 with Chrome as its preferred browser. Upgrading to 6.08 and subsequent updates, such as our latest version 6.09, should be a priority especially as they support the newer web technology used in Edge and Chrome.

If you didn’t upgrade or your business is not running 6.08 or 6.09 before this deadline, there is a short term solution: Edge is introducing an ‘IE Mode’ which will allow you to continue using your version of Nimbus using the technology from IE 11. You can find more general information on IE mode here or here and technical information for setting up IE mode for your organisation here.

Get Help

If you experience issues, with sites in IE mode, Microsoft have setup a support process you can go through to report issues. You can submit a request for assistance through their website or reach out via email (

Nimbus cannot support legacy versions of our software on newer browsers without passing the cost to you, our recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version of Nimbus which supports the new technological landscape. This notice does not remove your contractual obligations to maintain your Nimbus Software. Nor does it offer any technical advice. Please consult with your IT Provider before making any changes.

Next Steps

You may need to talk to your IT system provider about IE mode and contact Daryl Woodward, Client Relations Manager for Nimbus, to discuss your options to upgrade to our latest version, but please do not delay as it affects your important business data.

Act now for peace of mind.

IMPORTANT: The statements, technical information and recommendations contained herein are believed to be accurate as of the date hereof. Since the conditions and methods of use of Microsoft products and services as well as information changes frequently, Nimbus cannot predict, advise or outline consequences or any other affect they will have on your IT infrastructure or your Nimbus system. The cost to support legacy versions of our software on newer browsers will be passed onto the client.

Release date: 2nd June 2022