Outdated Software – Is that in Your Budget

Using outdated software can present risks to your company’s ability to operate efficiently and effectively. Outdated software can also lead to poor service delivery for your customers. Here’s why you should update your software as part of your regular review of your business processes and planning.  

1. Risk of data loss due to software failures

Older software is vulnerable to hackers, or other malicious actors. But software that is not maintained or regularly updated is also more vulnerable to crashes and other events that can impact your critical business data.  

2. Productivity loss because of poor software performance

Outdated software can malfunction or is unable to function as it should. Without regular updates, it can become more difficult to access information in a timely manner. 

3. Compatibility issues with your other software platforms or systems

Technologies evolve quickly. Failure to update your software can mean that it will no longer keep pace with other technologies. As a result, your business may be out of step with other software programs, platforms, or technologies that you need to use to serve your customers well.

Here are some key signs that your software needs updating:

  • Your employees are complaining of slow systems, usability issues, or software crashes.

  • Inaccurate reporting is causing you to second guess your decisions. Your data might be poorly maintained.

  • You are overly reliant on one or two employees to maintain your current software applications or solve recurring software issues.

  • You have reconsidered growth opportunities because of the limitations of your current software.

In addition to these risks, putting off software upgrades means that you could be missing out on valuable innovations. With the newest version of Nimbus, you can have access to our improved GL Reporter as well as the option for using new data reporting and business analytics to make sense of your business information. Working with modern software also helps you to attract and maintain a technology-savvy workforce.  

Although there are costs to upgrading, those costs should be balanced against the cost of disruptions, employee frustrations, reduced efficiency, and lost opportunities.

Time Portal Is a Simple Solution for Entering Time Sheets Quickly and Accurately

If Omicron means your team is suddenly working remotely or if you have new employee bubbles that make it difficult to hand in paper time sheets, Nimbus has a simple solution. Our new remote time tracking application Time Portal makes it easy to manage time, equipment, and plant. You can eliminate paper timesheets and blurry photos of your team’s worksheets. 

Watch our short video to see how Time Portal can help you pivot to remote time tracking. Nimbus Time Portal | Mobile Time Tracking Software for Contractors 

Hints and Tip

This tip may seem like an easy one but if it doesn’t occur often it is easily forgotten. How to reset a user when an app is telling you a user is locked. 

Click here to download an easy to read pdf version.

Release date: 10th March 2022