Simpler Invoice Tracking and Processing

There is an even better way to handle invoice approvals and processing.

The Nimbus system already automates purchase order approvals and allows for easy document storage and retrieval but now, we have an even faster way to handle invoice scanning, approvals, processing, and documents. And, if you are not already using some aspect of our current workflow, this product, NimbuScan can help remove the paper trail that can mean payment delays and the loss of critical financial information.

Our automated invoice scanning and approvals module NimbuScan empowers you to capture, approve, and file your invoices electronically. Our scanning technology uses Optical Character Recognition to capture important information so you can process invoices more quickly and more accurately.

Electronic invoice processing is more efficient. Your team can approve invoices for processing even when they are working remotely. NimbuScan is completely transparent. Our invoice processing module makes it much easier to track and report on invoices at every stage of the approvals process.

NimbuScan eliminates the risk of losing paper invoices, reduces double entry, and allows you to say goodbye to approval bottlenecks with a flexible and streamlined electronic workflow. And because the invoice is automatically stored, all departments save time by easily retrieving the invoices they need.

Your advantage:

  • Reduce data input with the ability to auto-populate invoice fields like a creditor, date, invoice number, PO number, and invoice total.
  • Support an invoice approval process based on your company’s needs.
  • Automatically email invoices to the correct person for approvals.
  • Easily upload and track invoices in your filing system.

NimbuScan is compatible with our latest version V6.09. For more information about cost and integration with your Nimbus System contact

New Client Relations Manager: Introducing Daryl Woodward

Daryl has joined Nimbus as our Client Relationship Manager to look out for the needs of our Nimbus clients.  Daryl is the person you can turn to for finding out how to develop and grow your business with the help of Nimbus.   

When new product developments are announced, he’ll be able to answer your questions or put you in touch with the right person who can.
Daryl has extensive experience working with customers and came to Nimbus after working with Vodafone and ACC for many years. He is passionate about building relationships with Nimbus clients and helping them find solutions that will make a meaningful impact on their business.    

Contact Daryl at to discuss your future with Nimbus. 

Health & Safety Checklist Updates

Were you aware that Nimbus can help you to update your health & safety checklists? If you need to include data for new compliance requirements or updated COVID protocols against your job or client records, please email Support.

Southern Plumbing Keeps Getting More Efficient

Read our latest customer success story to find out how Southern Plumbing, certified master plumbers in Wellington, use Nimbus to streamline their operations and save money and time.

Release date: 18th November 2021