Start the New Financial Year Right with Nimbus

There are many tasks to complete at the end of every financial year. With Nimbus you won’t have to scramble to manage your financial reporting task list. Our ERP system allows you to automate many of the tasks necessary for closing out the financial year effortlessly while saving time so that you can prepare for the new Financial Year.

Have you completed every task on your End of Year task list?

  • Fill out and complete income statements
  • Submit company tax returns after your accountant has reviewed your financial year documentation
  • Review your profit and loss statements
  • Submit your GST return and payment for the most recent filing period, whether that’s monthly, bi-monthly, or semi-annually
  • File your PAYE report
  • Conduct a stocktake if you maintain stock and materials
  • Process any financial year end journals

Because your Nimbus system is date based, there is no need for EOM or EOY rollovers which means you’ll have a smooth transition to the new financial year. With your year end reports in hand, you can use Nimbus’s financial tools to spot worrying trends and make changes before they impact your profits.

GL Reporter provides an overview of all your business transactions and produces financial reporting in multiple formats. With eight pre-loaded reports, and the flexibility to edit and create new reports, GL Reporter helps you track and manage your business’s financial health.  

Consider creating a report in GL Reporter for weekly or monthly review for any divisions that under performed in the previous year. 

Nimbus dashboards allow you to easily spot financial trends and identify any areas of concern. Visual reporting allows you to proactively make decisions before small problems get larger.  And using dashboards means you have the data you need without the hassle of searching multiple places.

For more information about how you can use GL Reporter and Dashboards to improve your company’s financial health, please contact Daryl

Hints and Tips

Adding a new user to Nimbus is one of those tasks that doesn’t occur daily or even weekly. It can easily be forgotten. This month we are reminding you how. 

Click here to download an easy to read pdf version. 

Release date: 29th April 2022

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